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  • What Is a Web Application?

    Web applications are programs allowing better communication between businesses and their customers. With the increasing use of the Internet, companies change the way they work and adopt more web applications. Understanding what a web application is can help you realize its importance in our everyday life. In this article, we explain what a web app […]

  • Shaved Carrot and Radish Salad with Herbs and Pumpkin Seeds

    Active Time 30 minutes Total Time 30 minutes This salad highlights the many green herbs that are an essential part of Persian cuisine, especially in spring when they are just coming into season. This salad is a crunchy, raw counterpoint to a rich Passover meal, and while some seeds are not eaten on Passover, pumpkin […]

  • Recipe coming soon!

    Your recipe for desired meal is coming soon! Stay tuned! Regarding you need an breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, every recipe will be provided here.

  • How to determine the rate to charge for software projects – part 1

    Charge by time (least best) The first and the most common way to charge for software projects is to charge by time. You set an hourly or day rate, and the client buys your time. Personally, this is my least favourite way to charge. However, I still do charge using this method for some projects […]

  • ASP.NET MVC CRUD Operations EF Core Code First Approach

    ASP.NET MVC CRUD Operations EF Core Code First Approach is a programming tutorial based on beginners who are trying to learn as much as possible and advance their programming career. Technologies used: .NET Framework (C# programming language, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC CRUD), Entity Framework Core, Visual Studio, SSMS

  • What’s system interrupts high CPU usage in Windows 10

    What is System interrupts? System interrupts is an official part of the Windows operating system. It manages the communication between your computer hardware and system. You can find it shown as a process in Task Manager. That’s used to display the CPU usage of all hardware interrupts. System Interrupts is an essential program component of the Windows Operating system that manages the […]

  • How To Fix 100 Percent Disk Usage In Windows 10

  • Why to choose Azure DevOps?

    They guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure DevOps Services for paid Azure DevOps Services users, including users with paid User-Based Extensions to Azure DevOps Services, to access the associated Azure DevOps Services organization. They guarantee at least 99.9% availability to execute load testing operations using the paid Azure Test Plans Load Testing Service. They […]

  • Why should you choose Bluehost as your hosting provider?

    Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress since 2005 for a very good reason – there simply isn’t a hosting option out there that knows how to optimize WordPress websites better. A seemingly limitless library of themes and marketplace of powerful plugins lets you customize your site’s look and function as you see fit. Bluehost products and services […]

  • Earn Money With mypassiveincome.fun

    This post is about earning money with great website http://mypassiveincome.fun . When you register you get 3$ for registering and 2$ per referral + daily bonuses. After you reach 50$, you get a payout through Paypal profile. So feel free to register and start earning some money! http://mypassiveincome.fun

  • 20 Tips for Working From Home

    Starting around March 2020, more people than ever before began working from home, and quite suddenly. Organizations and individuals didn’t have time to prepare for remote work or think about the best ways to transition teams, processes, and culture to an online-only environment. No one knew (or yet knows) how long the COVID-19 pandemic and thus […]

  • Bluehost Affiliate Program: How To Make $1500/Month

    20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. Bluehost was among those studied in the analysis of web-based hosting services in collaborative online learning programs. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? When you want to start a business in the real world, you need a physical location to set up, store, and sell […]

  • GetResponse Tips: How To Get Started

    GetResponse is an email marketing platform. It enables you to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients, so you can develop relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base. It has the deliverability rate of 99.5%, to make sure your messages reach destination inboxes. Add contacts create contact lists to manage your […]

  • BlueHost Tips: How To Add HTTPS To Your Domain

    Log into your web hosting plan  Choose your SSL certificate  Activate and install your SSL certificate  Redirect users to your HTTPS domain Bluehost makes it easy to add HTTPS to your domain name. When you log into your Bluehost dashboard, click on My Sites, then choose Manage Site for the website where you want to […]

  • BlueHost Tips: How To Renew Hosting

    Renew Hosting This article will show you how to renew your hosting account. If you are unable to renew online, please contact the Billing Department for assistance. Renewing Your Hosting Account Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account. Select the ‘account’ icon in the top right-hand corner. Click the Products option from the drop-down that appears. You can make any […]

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