2 prosinca, 2022

1. More Subscribers Than Ever Before

Envato Elements, our industry-leading unlimited creative subscription service, now has more than 500,000 subscribers. It’s come a long way since its launch five years ago when we set out to establish ourselves as the must-have subscription for designers and creators who needed unlimited downloads of high-quality creative assets.  When you also add subscribers from our smart template and creative tools product Placeit, Envato now counts more than 665,000 subscribers globally, reinforcing our position as a one-stop-shop for breadth, depth and quality of creative assets and tools. All told, our subscription revenue has increased at an annual growth rate of over 50% in the last three years, and our creative authors are now achieving tens of millions of dollars in earnings in the process.


2. A New Milestone For Our Content Library

We pride ourselves on providing content that is on-trend, relevant and diverse, able to cater for all manner of creatives; a clear-cut industry leader when you consider all the different content types we offer, whether that is graphic and video templates to audio, graphic assets, images and more. In 2022 we hit a new milestone for our content library on Elements, passing the 10 million items mark. Onwards to 11 million!


3. A Fresh Leader In Creator Education

A big part of staying true to our aims of empowering all our creators to thrive is to deliver more than just the assets and tools required. It’s why Tuts+ is such an important part of our community; our courses and tutorials platform – all free since earlier this year – has helped put creative and design education into the hands of millions of learners globally. This is why we are so excited that by the end of 2022 we’ll cross over one million subscribers to our Tuts+ YouTube channel, and we’re well on our way to becoming one of the most popular educational communities for digital creators on the platform. Whether it’s learning the ins and outs of Figma, a beginner’s course on Photoshop or even simply the core principles of design, Tuts+ has helped more than 84 million learners upskill with courses and tutorials of all skill levels.

4. Mixkit: Flexible and Free

We’ve long championed the need for creativity to be accessible, and what could be more accessible than free, high-quality, commercial-grade video assets? Mixkit is our answer to this question and over the last 12 months has supported video creatives to an impressive new high, with more than 30m free downloads, from 4K-quality stock footage to video templates and more.

5. Delivering On Our B Corp Promise

We’ve been a committed B Corp for a number of years now, pledging to ourselves and our community to be a business for good that embraces the power of balancing purpose and profit to achieve positive outcomes for all. In 2022 this included our entire business becoming carbon neutral, planting more than 24,000 trees in the process.

We’ve still got a few months left in 2022 to leave a further positive impact on our creative community, and we look forward to reporting back to you in December on the Envato ecosystem’s overall progress for our annual Public Impact Statement.

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