What is tracker blocker in VPN?

Our splendid Tracker Blocker feature helps stop third-party trackers from gathering insights about your online activities.

Disable third-party trackers

Prevent third-party trackers from gathering insights about your online activities that are later used to target you with ads.

Learn who is tracking you

Tracker Blocker lists third-party trackers you run into on the web so you can stay informed about who and when is tracking you.

Protect from online threats

The worldwide web is full of dangers. Tracker Blocker keeps your devices and data secure by stopping you from entering malicious websites so you can feel safe while surfing the web.

Block malware

Block malware distributing ads and websites known to install spyware, ransomware, cryptojacking, or other malicious programs.

Avoid phishing

Online scams are increasing every year. Tracker Blocker can help you keep away from phishing and other risky websites designed to scam you.
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