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What is Impact Radius and how radius effects affiliate marketers?


With Impact Radius you can automate every type of partnership and scale to all new levels. Partnership automation lets you expand your program and scale every type of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, and more. Grow your business rapidly with impact.com’s partnership platform.

You can earn money by discover new partners from a universe of millions across the world and recruit them with automated nurture campaigns.

Drive awareness (and revenue) with consistent, scaled partner marketing about new products, creative, and incentives.

impact.com is more than just affiliate marketing. Diversify your partner mix to drive new revenue now.

Earn money by engaging and train partners to get them productive quickly.

What is good about Impact Radius?

Their customers are our true north. We take-on their challenges, workshop their problems, and develop a deep understanding of their businesses. We obsess over customer success knowing that in powering their business growth, and their careers, we power our own. Doing this demands constant reinvention. We embrace new concepts and new methodologies because what creates growth today may not create growth tomorrow.


What is Impact Radius API?


An Application Programming Interface (API) is a defined method for software applications to communicate with each other. Impact Radius is excited to release a new REST API protocol to help customers streamline and automate tasks. Impact’s APIs allow you to automate workflows, connect various systems, track program performance, and more.

There are so many ways to make your program more efficient, but one of the best is through application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs enable systems to connect with each other and transfer data or information. Because of their technical nature, APIs are best suited for developer use.

Impact’s APIs allow you to automate workflows, connect various systems, track program performance, and more. They offer a great opportunity to more effectively scale your business and unlock rapid growth.

In this overview on how to get started with APIs, you’ll learn where to access your Impact API credentials, how to use the Impact Developer Hub, and what you can accomplish with Impact APIs.

To integrate with Impact Radius, connect to the IMPACT INTEGRATION.


How do I use developer HUB?


The Developer Hub helps you to quickly and easily interact with Impact APIs. This detailed, step-by-step guide makes it simple to get connected and accomplish your goals.

The Developer Hub provides a bird’s eye view of how to get started, including authentication requirements, information about request and response formats, status codes, pagination, rate limiting, and more. The documentation highlights what you can do with each endpoint, lists all required and optional parameters, and provides sample requests and responses.

Unless you have strong technical experience, enlist the help of one of your developers to make the best use of Impact APIs. Software developers are generally familiar with APIs and know how to successfully use them.

If you or your developers need help or have questions, reach out to Impact’s product experts by clicking on the “Need Help?” button at the bottom right corner of the Impact platform.

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