How to make money from domain names?

One question that always bother people is can you make money from domain names?

Or you are asking yourself what is crazy domains? Or crazy domains name servers?


you can make money from domain names. And it is an actually very simple way.

First thing first, you need to create an account. So, create an account HERE!

Plus, what is more awesome, that Crazy Domains has a PERFECT SEO optimisation for your website.

It does a great job and bring visitors to your blogs, websites and social medias.

Why is that, because their program Simple SEO provides quick and easy-to-understand steps to address factors affecting your rankings.

When you have created an account you maybe asking yourself, OK, there I have created an account but want even stronger password.

To reset your EMAIL password you go into this link, log in and change a password from your settings tab.

You do not need to worry for anything because who owns crazy domains have fully operational customer service.

Yes, you can make money from domains names, there must be catchy domains where you can buy for 10 dollars and sell for thousands.

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