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How much can I earn from Google Adsense?


Google AdSense is a Google program that allows publishers to monetize their websites, blogs, and YouTube videos by showing advertisements.

Google pays you when a visitor clicks on the ad or when ad impressions are reached, depending on the type of ad.

Text, graphics, video, and interactive media can all be used in adverts. An automated ad auction system selects these adverts.

The auction picks the highest bidder from among Google AdWords users who are bidding.

How much can I earn from Google Adsense?

It depents on the click per cost and on competition. You can earn from $0.20 to $16 dollars in the insurance niche.

Some median is around $3 per publishers.

On monthly basis, you can earn from minimum 10 dollars to the half a million dollars on monthly basis, if not more.

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