Which hosting provider should you use in 2022?

There are hundreds of blog hosting providers to choose from. It gets overwhelming for any beginner, I know.

So, to help you save time (and money!), I’ve done the research for you.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes trying to find the perfect hosting for my blogs and websites. A couple of them cost me a ton of money and I lost a few big clients, too. (Ouch!)


Let me show you how you can make sure you won’t run into any technical trouble with your blog.

Of course, you’re free to choose another hosting provider than what I recommend. You’ll find several ones that are perfectly OK.

My recommendation is simply based on my experience and what’s worked the best for 100% of my blogs and websites.


To spare you from repeating my mistakes and spending hours and hours after a crash to get your blog back online with no help from a poor hosting provider, here’s what I recommend:

I use and recommend Bluehost for domains and blog hosting.


Because their blog hosting is super easy to set up, their service is top-notch, and the plans are really affordable.

Even if you are entirely new to blogging, you can start a blog on Bluehost in just 10 minutes!

They even install the WordPress blogging software automatically for you. You literally just need to sign up and you can start blogging right away.

Why Bluehost is my #1 recommendation for blog hosting and domains:

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress since 2005

Having tried a myriad of different hosting providers (learning my lessons from each one of them!), here’s why I nowadays use and recommend Bluehost:

  1. FREE domain name for your blog:
    Other providers usually charge $10-20 a year. With Bluehost, all you need is a great blog name!
  2. Their plans are super affordable: 
    Choose the right hosting plan for your blog website without breaking the bank.
  3. Easy and quick sign-up:
    I’ll show you how it works in just a second.
  4. No hidden costs: 
    No hidden fees when you sign up.
  5. Free, automatic WordPress installation:
    That’s the blogging software you should use. No technical jargon or hassle, just start blogging right away.
  6. Recommended by WordPress:
    Yes, even WordPress itself recommends Bluehost as a trusted hosting provider.
  7. Free email accounts:
    Create custom email addresses with your blog name, like this: yourname@yourblog.com.
  8. FAST and friendly 24/7 support: 
    I’ve waited 1.5 seconds on average for a support agent to join the helpdesk chat. Plus, they solve my problems without speaking in jargon I don’t understand.
  9. 30-day money-back guarantee: 
    No questions asked if you choose to cancel your account for any reason.
How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost - Why choose Bluehost for blog hosting

In short: with Bluehost, there really is no risk.

If you want to build a profitable blog, they give you all the tools you need at a super affordable price.

And it gets better…


Exclusive blog hosting deal for my readers:

I know you don’t want to invest more money than necessary into getting your blog on its feet.

That’s why I’ve negotiated an amazing deal for all my readers with Bluehost:

You get access to an exclusive blog hosting package starting at $2.95 per month!

That’s a massive 60% discount – and it’s less than a coffee at Starbucks!

This is the exact same blog hosting I use – and I really can’t recommend them enough!

Ok, enough with the shameless sales pitch…

So, now you got your domain name and web hosting sorted. Awesome!

Next up: blogging platforms and software.

When it comes to blogging platforms, I recommend using WordPress.org for creating your blog.


If you aren’t familiar yet, WordPress.org is the most popular blogging platform or Content Management System (CMS) worldwide.

It’s simply a piece of software you use to manage your blog website, write your blog posts, and much more.

The WordPress dashboard is simple enough for even complete beginners to get familiar with. You can learn the basics in a few minutes! I will come back to that in a few minutes.

Moreover, WordPress is extremely customizable once you feel comfortable enough with it. You can literally build anything with WordPress with easy-to-use design tools and customization options.

I use WordPress for all my websites and blogs – and so do millions of others. WordPress powers a whopping 38% of all websites worldwide!

It’s the best tool for starting your first blog, trust me. If you follow along, you will have a WordPress blog up and running in 10 minutes.

Let’s get started with our Bluehost WordPress tutorial to start your blog now!

Haven’t got your Blog yet?

Use our special link to get started for as little as 2.95 dollars a month. You will also get free domain and exclusive bonus pack!

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