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How To Define Your Writing Niche


Before you start getting all creative with naming your blog, it’s important to take a moment and think about exactly what your blog’s going to be about.

If you haven’t already decided what area of interest you will blog about then…. snap snap, get on it. We have a great article here that will help you decide.


Before deciding a name, you want to ask yourself the following

– What niche are you in?
– What topics are you going to write about?
– Who is your target audience?
– What is the general tone/voice of your blog?

It’s important to think about the above questions because the blog name you pick should resonate with your audience.


The most obvious way to do this is to use keywords in your name that are related to your niche.

For example, you might do a blog about about hiking and choose the name

The advantage of using a keyword-based name is that it will help people make the connection between the domain name and the niche. Even without visiting the blog people know exactly what the blog is about. It’s clear what niche it’s in.

One important thing to think about when choosing keywords for your blog name are the limitations you might put on yourself.


If you choose a name like for example, you are pretty much limited to blogging about hiking.

Focusing in on one area is great. However, if you think there’s a chance you might write about other topics as well, then you might want to take a more general approach with your blog name.

For example you might choose the name You can still start out with just hiking, but it will also give you the flexibility if you want to add topics or even change topics completely.

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