An overview of Bluehost affiliate program

There are several types of affiliate programs. Among these, Bluehost Affiliate programs can help you generate a massive review with reasonable effort & minimal investment. You can earn a fat pay cheque from your affiliate network simply by promoting their products on your blogs.

Typically, blogs with the highest success rate with affiliate program have excellent affiliate marketing content, such as Reviews, how-to guides and video tutorials.


Your content should be in-depth and straightforward. It should provide value to your customers in order to develop a trusting relationship with them, as people will buy from websites they deem trustworthy.

Just the last year, Bluehost paid approximately $5 million as commission to its affiliate marketers. Now you must be wondering how these companies afford to pay such an insane amount as commission. And most importantly, why?


Well, the web hosting companies believe that if someone signs up for their package once, they can ensure he or she keeps on using their services for years to come. So, they earn a their share by serving these recurring customers which also allows them to pay you handsome commission through their affiliate program.

The $65 is just a small one-time investment they make in exchange for a lifelong customer. The best web hosting companies India have some solid tricks up their sleeves to ensure that the customers keep using their services again and again. So, the commission they pay is basically what professionals call the cost per acquisition (CPA).


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