How does managing your cash flow affect your future?

Cash flow management is vital to your business’s success. If you can accurately project cash flow, you will steer your company in the right direction.


If you understand cash flow techniques, you can get ahead of the market. You’ll even be able to predict cash flow, because you understand the revenue cycles of customers, vendors, suppliers and contractors.


Every business has high and low seasons; understanding upcoming expenses for employee overtime, replacement equipment and other needs goes a long way to ensure your business is well positioned to handle any bump in the road.


The first step is to determine the cash flow your business needs.

Jay Singer, senior vice president for small business at Mastercard, said that this is done by analyzing the current state of your business.

“It’s important to understand how much cash you’ve been using and plan to use, as well as the length of time it will take to acquire more cash,” Singer told Business News Daily. “While every business’s needs are different, it would be wise to have enough cash on hand to cover up to six months of your average cash outflow.”


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