Exam AZ-400: Enforce standards


You’ve seen how you could use policies to ensure that your resources have the tags that organize your resources. There are other ways policies can be used to our benefit.

You could use policy to restrict which Azure regions you can deploy resources to. For organizations that are heavily regulated or have legal or regulatory restrictions on where data can reside, policies help to ensure that resources aren’t provisioned in geographic areas that would go against these requirements.

You could use policy to restrict which types of virtual machine sizes can be deployed. You may want to allow large VM sizes in your production subscriptions, but maybe you’d like to ensure that you keep costs minimized in your dev subscriptions. By denying the large VM sizes through policy in your dev subscriptions, you can ensure they don’t get deployed in these environments.


You could also use policy to enforce naming conventions. If your organization has standardized on specific naming conventions, using policy to enforce the conventions helps us to keep a consistent naming standard across your Azure resources.


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