GetResponse Tips: How To Cancel My Account


To cancel your account, please log in and go to Billing. Scroll down and click Cancel subscription.

The next page is presenting you the summary of your account, you can find there how many newsletters, drafts and autoresponders you will lose when you decide to cancel. To continue with cancellation scroll down the page and click Yes, continue with cancellation link, next elaborate a bit on what has led you to this decision so we can do better next time, check the box below the feedback form and click the Cancel the account button.


To cancel your Free account, please contact our Customer Success Team directly via Live Chat, or send us an email.

Refunds: GetResponse is a pay-as-you-go service. Therefore, we don’t issue refunds, even if you cancel immediately after your credit card is charged for the new billing period. For example, if we charge your credit card on August 10th, and you cancel your account on August 15th, you are still responsible for paying for the entire month (or year, if you have selected an annual plan). No subsequent charges are applied to your credit card, but the amounts already charged are not refunded.


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