BlueHost Tips: Ways To Backup Your WordPress Site


There are several ways to backup your WordPress website. Here is how you can do it.

Manual Backup

Remember, this is a process for people who have some experience working on website backends. If you are unsure of any of these steps, stop and ask your host for help.

To do a manual backup, start by logging into your hosting platform. This is not the WordPress site that your website sits on, but the administrative system that your web host has. Once you are logged in, look for a backup program in the list of available tools. If your host has one, you can use it to download the latest backup file. If you don’t see one, then look for a program like PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. Usually, they will have the words “PHP” or “SQL” in the title. Open each one separately and download the files there.


Alternatively, you can use an FTP manager to access the website files you need. FileZilla is a common option. You will need the FTP information for your site, which is in the hosting platform. Once you can give FileZilla FTP access to your site, download everything that is in the main file for your web host. Make sure you don’t delete anything.


If you are going to use the plugin, then use the plugin installer in WordPress on the plugins tab. It will take you to the plugin store, where you can search for and download the plugin. Much of the process is automatic, so it will be quick and easy. Once you have the plugin installed, activate it and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. It will usually be as simple as pushing the backup button in the plugin’s interface.


The following plugins can be used for automatic backups:

  • Updraft – uploads files to the cloud via Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive & more
  • backupbuddy – schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups to the cloud
  • Vaultpress (jetpack backup) – different plans available (no free version)

If you ever need to utilize your backup file, there is a backup restore feature.

Hosting Site Automatic Backup

Similar to doing a manual backup, log into your hosting account. Look for the tool that the host has for automatic backups. When you open it, it should give you an option to download the backup files. If you have any questions, reach out to your host for assistance.

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