9 studenoga, 2022

There are many tools you can use to backup your WordPress website. Check with your current hosting provider to see if they offer a backup service. For example, Bluehost provides WordPress hosting and automatically creates backup files regularly so that you don’t have to.

If you run a standalone WordPress site, you can install a WordPress plugin to make the process easier. There are backup options using plugins that can make the file and download it for you to your computer or you can choose to upload your backup to cloud storage.

It is a much easier and faster process than doing it manually. Plugins should also work on hosted sites if you prefer not to use tools provided by the host.


Your web host should have a method to let you backup your data manually. If your host uses cPanel as its dashboard, then this feature exists. You will have to go to the two programs that WordPress uses, called PHPMyAdmin and MySQL (there are other options, but these are the most common), and download the database and the rest of the files manually.

This is only recommended if you are used to working in the backend of web hosting platforms or if you have no other options. 


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